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  • E600 Drone Accessories Pack
  • E600 Drone Accessories Pack

E600 Drone Accessories Pack

E600 Drone Accessories Pack including outstanding flight experience 12*4.2" ROTOR, 3508 MOTOR made by best materials, new and improved 20A ESC

Introduction of E600 Drone Accessories Pack

12*4.2" ROTOR
With the state of the art areodynamic efficiency and only nearly half of the inertia product of the normal 12*3.8″ rotor, the 12*4.2″ rotor offers you an outstanding flight experience. The rotors are carefully balanced dynamically, you will never be bothered by jello effect from your airborne rolling shutter camera. The low inertial design enables your flight controller to use a much higher gain value to achieve a higher stability and maneuverability all at once.
3508 MOTOR
From magnets to steel, from copper wire to bearing we only use the best materials to make the best products. Improved mass production techniques, along with our scientific quality control systems, lowers costs and ensures that our products are more accessible to users. Our new self-tightening mechanism dramatically reduces any chance of loosening rotor or mistakenly installed rotors. Tool-free mounting and dismounting makes storage and transportation much easier
This new and improved ESC along with new highly efficient and quick response algorithms, combine to provide drastic optimization of both motor and rotor parameters, all come together to enhance this propulsion system to utilize an agile thrust which gives the aircraft extra maneuverability and stability in wind and during descending. Also feature an electromagnetic compatibility design with a coaxial-cable, which work together to provide a calm electromagnetic environment for the airborne sensors. Furthermore the 20A ESC together with DJI 3508 motor brings 6S high voltage power system to middle-sized multi-rotors, enable them a much higher electrical efficiency and extended durability.

Parameter of E600 Drone Accessories Pack

Recommended Load 600 g/axis
Maximum Thrust 1600 g/axis
Working Temperature -5 °C ~ 40 °C
Recommended Battery 6S LiPo
Units Per Package Quad or Hexa
Current 20 A OPTO
Signal Frequency 30 Hz~450 Hz
Voltage 14.8 V~25.2 V
Battery 4S~6S LiPo
Stator Size 35×8 mm
KV 415 rpm/V
Weight 90 g
Diameter /Thread Pitch 31×11 cm 12×4.2 inch

Pictures of E600 Drone Accessories Pack

E600 Drone Accessories Pack

E600 Drone Accessories Pack

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